Permanent makeup

trajna sminkaPermanent makeup - is a technique of inserting pigment color of herbal-mineral origin in the shallow layers of the skin by drawing lines and by special way of shading.

There are no allergies - contraindications are diabetes or transplanted skin.
Eyebrows - from a complete shift of the arch, to the filling of the existing hairs, but following the physiognomy of the face - your eyebrows will give your face a completely new and brighter look.

We do nothing without previous consulting with a crayon drawing in more variants to the compliance with the wishes of the client.

We also do "Japanese method" (drawing hair by hair).
Eyes - drawing a line on the upper eyelids (eye liner), and also on lower. The thickness of the line is individual.
Lips - drawing contour lines of the lips and shading.

Colour stability is individual and depends on the metabolism and the years of the client. It lasts 2 to 5 years.

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"VAMP" Salon was founded in 2000. in Zmaj Jovina 2 in Ćuprija. We have extended in 2010. and moved to new premises in Knez Milos 8-12 thus expanding our activities. Now we are in the city center in a modern space that exudes freshness and provides a sense of peace and equanimity ...

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