Eyebrows and eyelashes dying

farbanje_obrvaEyebrows and eyelashes dying - special colors for the eyes. Austrian and German colors Dr Paul and Augenblick are used.

After treatment, eyebrows and eyelashes are more expressive, hair is shinier and the appearance is more beautiful. Successfully covers gray hair. Ideal replacement for mascara especially in the summer months. Shades of light brown to black. The process itself takes about 25 - 30 minutes, and it lasts for a month.

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"VAMP" Salon was founded in 2000. in Zmaj Jovina 2 in Ćuprija. We have extended in 2010. and moved to new premises in Knez Milos 8-12 thus expanding our activities. Now we are in the city center in a modern space that exudes freshness and provides a sense of peace and equanimity ...

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