tretman_licaFacials - we do our facial treatments with the products of the famous companies for professional cosmetics: MATIS, SOTHYS, AFRODITA,...

– Medical hygienic treatment (acne and problematic skin)
- Biological facial treatment
- Aha treatment - fruit acids
- Treatment
- Lifting
- Rollers
- For men - anti stress treatment (relaxation) and new skin (cleaning).

Hygienic treatment

We recommend that this is done once in every season or at least twice a year with the selection of products that match the type and condition of the skin. It consists of preparing the skin for work, massage, opening the pores with vapozone, comedones cleaning, exfoliating and disinfecting medicinal calming mask. The process takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours.

- There is a treatment for young people where they can begin with treatments with 14 - 15 years already, or when there is a need. All products are natural, adapted for young skin.

Facials - complete

Face, neck and eye area are treated. Preparation of the skin, massage 200 movements, cleansing, exfoliation, massage depends on the clients skin. During this complete treatment you get everything that your skin needs.

Aha treatment – fruit acids

Glucose or fruit acids are intended to improve the structure of the skin, regulate sebum secretion, shrink pores, affect the reduction of blemishes and wrinkles, and stain bleaching.

Contraindications are just sunbathing and acute stage of acne.

To solve some problems such as acne, blemishes, ... it is recommended to have a series of six treatments (1 - 2 per week). After the treatment the skin is lightened, smooth and toned. The treatment can be performed from the age of 15, it is recommended for both women and men. The treatment takes about an hour.

Radio wave lifting

Face, neck and cleavage - radio waves stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. It is used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin as well as to increase skin tone. The result is visible after the first treatment, but for a lasting appearance of rejuvenation you need a minimum of five treatments. It is excellently complemented with the face mesotherapy. The duration of treatment is about 40 minutes.

Chemical peel – easy phytic solution combination of three alpha hydroxyl acids (glycolic, mandelic, lactic) and phytic, which achieves maximum efficiency and minimal side effects. There is not much peeling and it is pleasant for customers who do not wish to disrupt social activities.

Contraindications: Pregnant and nursing women, herpes on your lips, use of systemic retinoids (six months) microdermabrasion treatments, use of AHA cream or benzoyl - peroxides. The treatment is performed once a week.

Skin recovery inno - peel

It is used in the treatment of acne, sebum regulation, pore reducing, shallow scars from acne. A secondary effect is reflected in postinflammatory pigmentation.

Ingredients: Resorcinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, retinol. The frequency of the application is 4-6 treatments in ten days.

Lactobio c inno - peel

The main effect is the regeneration and biorevitalization of the skin. Perfect to combat various signs of skin aging and mature skin, for smokers skin. The secondary effect is superficial hyperpigmentation, it equalizes the complexion.

Ingredients: Glycolic, lactic, Lactobionic, hyaluronic, mandelic acid and vitamin C.

Application: six treatments at two weeks.

Mesotherapy - derma rollers

Derma roller treatment helps skin reduce wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The method which has recently become famous in Serbia too, is a treatment that violates skin with small needles thus increasing the circulation and activating the skins own healing mechanism which leads to tightening of the skin, pigmentation changes equalizing, regulates sebum secretion and flats the scars

How does the derma roller work?

Derma roller makes small stings in the skin. These injuries of the smallest capillaries lead to the release of the peripheral blood cells. Platelets are connected and close the injured blood vessels. White blood cells dissolve the damaged tissue and stimulate the growth of new tissue through the connective tissue cells, which also produces new collagen and elastic strands.

Application: It is applied under local anesthesia, so it is almost painless. After such therapy, it is possible that the skin is red to two days after the treatment. The risk of infection is minimal, because the holes in the upper layer of the skin close within a few minutes. It takes about 4 to 6 intensive treatments to give good result. The distance between the treatments is three weeks.

Treatments for Men: Anti-stress treatment and new skin

Anti-stress treatment
–intensive treatment for detoxification and relaxation, specially created for mens facial, back and chest skin care. The active ingredients of ginseng and vitamin C purify and strengthen the skin, remove fatigue and give it a healthy glow.

New skin - Clarifying treatment to reduce enlarged pores and shiny skin, and a prevention of the occurrence of blackheads and necessary hydration of the skin.

Face mesotherapy

Treatment for refreshment, rejuvenation, hydration and tightening of the facial, neck and chest skin. It can be done with a needle or needle-free device (low-frequency radio waves create permeability of the cell membrane and active cocktails are inserted directly into the mesoderm cells). For wrinkles reduction, skin tone lifting, acne, hydration, stain removal and use in the prevention against skin aging. It is a series of 2 to 6 treatments once a week.

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