Just like the face, the hands are the first what we pay attention to, both on ourselves and on others. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of our environment, such as cold or various chemicals used in household dry the skin on our hands, making it rough and cracked. The beginning of hand beautifying could be traced back in Egypt, in the oldest age of human civilization. Manicure is a hand care, condition, shape and purity of arms are the best indicators of personal hygiene and culture. Therefore, it is important to carry out manicure treatment at least once a month.

Classic manicure - involves shaping the nails, polishing nail plate, cuticle care, exfoliation, massage and paint. In addition to the classic manicure we have the strengthening of the natural nails, extension and overlay. We do gel and acrylic gel technique.

Permanent nail polish
– is a relatively new technique of painting nails in our region. Permanent color polish is applied like a polish and lasts like gel. It is a semi-permanent color perfect for those who do not like artificial nails because it does not damage the natural nail. A thin layer of the base is applied, then two layers of permanent polish in color and over that top gel polish for shine. In just 10 minutes you will have a nail in the desired color with flawless glow that lasts for three weeks.

The two most popular techniques of extending and overlaying are with gels and acrylics. Both techniques give the final visual appearance such that it is difficult to distinguish which technique is done. Extension with gels gives thinner, more flexible nails which are more natural looking than acrylic extension. Acrylic is slightly firmer than gels.

Paraffin hand treatment

It is used for in-depth and intensive care and moisturizing of your hands. Hands with paraffin pack are deeply cleaned and hydrated, which is especially useful for those who are frequently in contact with water or chemicals. If you have dry, cracked hand skin, or a problem with cuticles we suggest you do the paraffin hand treatment. Paraffin heats the hands, which has a beneficial effect with individuals who have a problem with circulation or rheumatism.

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