Relax massage is a gentle, friendly, manual massage, with which you achieve relaxing the body energy flow. It is intended to nurture the body to raise the general health status. It is used for the prevention of stress and fatigue as well as muscle relaxation.

You may do the relax of the whole body or partially individual parts (back, feet, arms or neck and face).

Therapeutic massage of the back is a combination of several different manual techniques of massage, further enriched with the mixture of essential oils which significantly reduce the pain and successfully remove accumulated tension.
It stimulates microcirculation and relaxation of back and neck muscles, relieves stress and significantly affects the relaxation of all the blocks in the body. The perfect choice after a long hard day or after a very stressful event. Duration of massages is from 45 minutes to an hour.

Anti cellulite massage
- the main goal of anti-cellulite massage is loosening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, enhancing the circulation in them and warming. Duration of massage is 40 minutes. Duration of series is ten days every day or every other day, and on the sixth day of the onset of menstruation. For optimum results, it is necessary to at least three series.

Aromatherapy is the type of massage whose treatment uses aromatic oil. Its effect is soothing to the skin, it also affects emotions, joints, muscles and circulation.

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