Professional make-up

profesionalna_sminkaProfessional make-up

When it comes to makeup, we follow the trends and keep up with fashion with the highest quality make-up and a large selection of colors and combinations.

For all occasions, it will give your face a whole new look by face toning, highlighting the eyes or lips.

About us

"VAMP" Salon was founded in 2000. in Zmaj Jovina 2 in Ćuprija. We have extended in 2010. and moved to new premises in Knez Milos 8-12 thus expanding our activities. Now we are in the city center in a modern space that exudes freshness and provides a sense of peace and equanimity ...

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Kneza Miloša 8/12, 35000 Ćuprija



Open Hours

Monday - Freday
9:00 - 20:00

09:00 - 17:00


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